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National survey sheds light on coffee consumption trends

As people get older, they tend to consume more cups of coffee per day, according to a nationwide survey.

Zagat conducted its third annual National Coffee Survey and released the results last week. Nearly 1,500 respondents weighed on their coffee habits.

Of those who said they like coffee, 82 percent admit to drinking it daily. Males drink on average 2.4 cups of coffee per day, while women consume 1.9. Coffee consumption appears to increase with age, and the number of cups per age range found in the survey is as follows:

• 20s: 1.8 cups per day
• 30s: 2.0 cups per day
• 40s: 2.2 cups per day
• 50s: 2.4 cups per day
• 60 or older: 2.4 cups per day

Respondents said they are increasingly purchasing coffee outside of the home — up 8 percent from 2014. Men are more likely to purchase a cup of joe from a smaller chain or single location coffee house (23 percent) as opposed to a large national chain (20 percent).

The average price respondents said they pay for a coffee-based drink is $3.28, compared to $3.05 last year and $2.98 in 2013.

How much is too much? When repondents were asked what is too much to pay for a regular cup of joe, the average answer was $3.67. However, when it comes to barista-prepared coffee, the average response was $5.07.

When breaking the results out by gender, the survey shows that female coffee drinkers prefer lattes (22%) over a regular cup of coffee (19%), reach for raw sugar (14%) before Splenda (9%), and half-and-half (26%) before skim (19%). And second to making coffee at home or work, they most often buy from large national coffee chains (31%).

Thirty percent of men said they prefer a regular cup of coffee, while 14 percent said espresso. Most males (57 percent) prefer not to add sweetener, while 14 percent said they choose raw sugar. Nearly half of the male respondents said they like their coffee black (42 percent), but when it comes to adding another ingredient, 20 percent said half-and-half is their top choice.

As far as coffee trends in Arizona, Business Insider said last year that Tempe-based Cartel Coffee Lab is the best coffee shop in the state. Also, two Tempe companies began delivering cold-brewed iced coffee to customers’ doorsteps last year. The trend appears to have caught on in major cities like Los Angeles, Dallas and New York City.