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Behind the scenes with the main characters of Thursday’s Llama Drama

LISTEN: Llama Drama - Bub Bullis - Owner of the llamas

PHOENIX — After a riveting three-hour chase through the streets of Sun City that captivated a worldwide audience, the two culprits behind #Llamadrama have been placed behind bars… At their owners’ north Phoenix home.

“They just went on a friggin’ gallivant in Sun City,” owner Bub Bullis said. “The little llama didn’t really know what to do but the big llama decided ‘Let’s go!’ and they went.”

Bullis and his wife Karen Freund have ‘incarcerated’ the two llamas in their backyard pen. Even though the couple owns a total of nine llamas, Lainey the young black llama and Kanita the older white llama will not be granted a trial by their llama peers.

“I tried to give them a firm talking to but they didn’t really want to listen to it so they are behind bars and will stay there for a while,” Bullis joked.

Bullis and Freund are both former Phoenix Police officers who own Arizona-based Cop’er Star Llamas. The company provides llamas for various events throughout the Valley.

Freund explained Llamas can be used as therapy animals and that is why the couple brought them to an assisted-living facility in Sun City for a presentation.

“Llamas really are good animals and they don’t usually disrupt traffic like that,” Freund said.

Despite lacking a previous criminal record, the two llamas went on the lam Thursday; they haven’t yet pleaded not guilty by reason of being spooked.

“A couple of people showed up late and they wanted to see the llamas so we went to take the two llamas out and somebody was holding on to the one (llama) and had a bag or something that spooked her,” Freund said. “Well the next thing we knew both llamas were loose and we couldn’t get them.”

What ensued after that captured the world’s attention. Two llamas on the run in Sun City, darting by traffic on the street, narrowly skirting golf carts on the sidewalk, as well as racing past bystanders and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse members who were trying to wrangle the animals.

Freund said as entertaining as it was, she was relieved when the two were caught without incident.

“I didn’t want a person getting hurt, that’s more important at this point than my llamas,” she said. “But as it turned out everything was fine, everybody was fine and nothing was hurt.”

No charges have been filed against the couple but the llamas could face lifetime probation.

“They know what they did is wrong,” Freund said. “We’re going to have to have some more training because I can’t have that happen again.”