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Arizona parents should use environment as opportunity to get kids into new activities

As spring turns the corner, it is just another reminder that school will be out before parents will even realize it. For parents in Arizona, the summer break is a great opportunity to try new activities with their children, such as hunting.

“It was an experience I had with my grandfather, and for a lot of us coming up that’s what we remember about ol’ grand dad,” said, Mike Russell, host of KTAR’s Get Outdoors.

Russell said hunting is a great opportunity to pass on from parents and grandparents and is an amazing experience parents can share with their kids.

“Especially here in Arizona, we are the home of more species of animal than any other non-coastal state in the country,” he said. “There’s a lot of animal viewing to do, and just to get out there and experience the nature.”

Russell said even for less-experienced hunters who may not get a shot at their game, families will have a great time being outdoors and seeing all of the wonderful animals.

For parents who do not know what to hunt — or what to hunt with — Russell said he suggests a youth hunting safety course.

“I think a hunter safety course is one of the most fun things you can do with your kids,” he said. “You can contact Arizona Game and Fish and do an in-person class and they have a field day that they (can) go.”

From shooting training to basic safety to picking a firearm, state resources such as Arizona Game and Fish can help, he said.

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