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Phoenix-area fire department offers tips for asthma sufferers during springtime

(Yalonda M. James/The Commercial Appeal via AP)

PHOENIX — Spring has officially sprung and along with the beautiful weather and blooming flowers, the new season also brings a new wave of allergies and asthma.

Spring can be a tough time for people with asthma — especially for those with pollen allergies — and the summer heat waves that may follow can be notorious for sending people to the emergency room.

The Mesa Fire Department Deputy Chief Forrest Smith said asthma sufferers should work with their doctor to develop an action plan ahead of any flare-ups.

“This action plan usually shows your daily treatments, such as what kind of medicines you take, or when to take them,” he said. “The plan would describe how to console that asthma, not only in a long term situation, but how to handle worsening asthma or asthma attacks.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asthma is the leading chronic illness among children in the United States.

One way to manage a child’s allergies and asthma is to teach them how to use an inhaler and what to do if they have an attack, Smith said.

“(Teach them to) be more aware of what’s leading to that (attack), and then letting an adult know that ‘I’m starting to feel a little bad,'” he said.

Smith said parents should make sure their child’s teachers know that he or she has allergies and asthma in order to  recognize the early stages of an asthma attack.

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