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Former Gov. Jan Brewer: Arizona could be tempting target for terrorists

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Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Tuesday her state could make a tempting target for terrorists.

“We’d be a great target,” she told KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Mac & Gaydos. “We have (Palo Verde) Nuclear Power Plant right here. We know we’ve got open borders.”

While some may label her words as nothing more than drumming up fear, Brewer said that’s not the case because Islamic terrorists are a real threat.

“I don’t think this is fear mongering at all,” she said. “We’re their target. They hate us.”

Brewer said terrorists don’t know limits and will kill women, children and themselves for their beliefs.

“These Islamic terrorists, they don’t have any sacred feeling at all for life.”

Brewer said her line of thinking is why she backs Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He has said he wants to repeal some anti-torture laws to put the U.S. on a level playing field when it comes to stopping terrorism.

Brewer agreed, adding that Tuesday’s terror attacks in Brussels would only make Trump’s message resonate more with Americans.

“I think he called it, spot-on, and I think that will only boost his popularity among the people of the United States,” she said “It’s a no-brainer.”

Should Trump succeed in winning office and changing the laws, questionable practices, such as waterboarding, could be made legal again. Brewer said she backs the use of the practice, even if political ally Sen. John McCain of Arizona does not.

“I’m not an expert in those kind of things, but I will tell you that I believe we should be able to use those kinds of tactics if we can get information to save people’s lives,” she said.

Brewer feels the danger terrorists pose to the nation outweighs other concerns.

“We are in a war with Islamic terrorists,” she said.

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