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Valley’s mild winter leading to illness and allergies

A lot of sneezing people are showing up at Valley doctor’s offices.

“We are very busy with a respiratory virus called RSV, and we are having a lot of patients with asthma coming in, due to either their having a cold virus, or it could be allergy related,” said Kimberly Byrne, a registered nurse with Banner Health.

Byrne says allergies are flaring up for a lot of people because a lot of trees are in bloom after the Valley’s mild winter.

“We have Ash trees. We have Palo Verde trees. Trees that a lot of us have in our front yard, unfortunately, that are causing the pollen count to be elevated,” Byrne said.

She said that over-the-counter medicine from your local drug store may bring you some relief.

“If that doesn’t work, then sometimes your doctor will prescribe a nasal spray,” said Byrne. “Because if you stop it at the entrance to your nose, you’re not going to have all of the other symptoms that can occur.”

Byrne suggests that, even though the weather is nice right now, you need to keep your windows closed to keep the pollen out of your house. She suggests that you exercise indoors for now, to keep from being affected by pollen.

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