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Taxes are the worst and here’s what Americans would rather do to avoid them

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PHOENIX — In a game of “would you rather” with the American people, the IRS comes up a big loser.

While that is not especially surprising, a WalletHub survey got very specific — a few were willing to commit murder, but 27 percent said they would get an IRS tattoo or clean toilets at Chipotle if it meant having a tax-free future.

Now we’re getting somewhere. The survey quizzed 1,000 tax-paying citizens.

A small percentage — 4 percent — was willing to do a year in prison. Wow. That makes the 16 percent who would just move to another country seem like wimps.

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(AP File Photo)

Also fairly dedicated — the 6 percent who would stop talking for 6 months.

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(AP Photo)

Preparing taxes also is unwelcome. For 77 percent, doing laundry was preferable to doing taxes and 35 percent would sooner have the awkward birds-and-the-bees talk with their kids than hunker down with tax work.

A startling 8 percent would break their own arm.

As for whom Americans like more than the IRS, Pope Francis topped the list with 52 percent. He is the pope, after all.

The least popular figure was O.J. Simpson at 8 percent.

But when all is said and done, a whopping 86 percent of taxpayers said the IRS was necessary.

The IRS — as necessary to America’s health as the worst-tasting cough syrup you can imagine.

KTAR’s Jim Cross contributed to this report.

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