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Twitter turns 10, next up those awkward teen years

(AP File Photo)

Twitter turned 10 on Monday. If anyone had said 10 years ago that Twitter would change how the world interacts and learns, that person would have earned the hashtag “keepdreaming.”

That’s exactly what Twitter did, though, and that dreaming has led to 320 million active users.

Considering the first tweet, from co-founder Jack Dorsey, no less, it could only get more interesting because …

Twitter certainly is growing up. From insipid updates of users’ food intake and their moods, the microblogging service has become a go-to for breaking news all around the world and thoughts on social issues.

When pilot Chesley Sullenberg safely landed a disabled plane carrying 155 people atop the Hudson River in New York, many saw this Twitpic image first back in 2009:

Since then, the leader of the free world — President Barack Obama — other politicians and leaders (people, Pope Francis tweets), comics, musicians, scientists, the FBI and more have signed up to share in 140 characters or less.

And they’re even sending from out of this world.

It’s true that Twitter’s growth has slowed — stocks have tumbled from $50 a share last year to under $17 now — but it’s 10. When children are 10 they are beginning to roll their eyes when their parents tell them what to do. And they back talk!

We know this because it’s on Twitter from both sides.

Those are growing pains. Hopefully its teen years will be prettier than the majority of adolescent humans.

Happy birthday, bluebird.

Twitter celebrated by tweeting and retweeting.