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Center for Arizona Policy, others say now is a key moment for marriage

PHOENIX — A group that gathered Wednesday at the Arizona State Capitol heard that now is a key time in the U.S. when it comes to the future of marriage.

During the Center for Arizona Policy’s annual “Day at the Capitol” event, supporters heard that, starting in April, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case on whether states can ban same-sex marriages.

Jim Campbell of the Scottsdale-based group Alliance Defending Freedom asked members of the faith-based community to pray that the court reaffirms traditional marriage between one man and one woman. But he said that, no matter what happens, now is an opportunity for America to rebuild a strong culture of marriage, and everyone has a role to play.

“We can begin by ourselves being better spouses, better mothers, better fathers and better children. We should encourage our friends and neighbors who are experiencing difficulties in their marriages to stay the course, especially when kids are involved,” Campbell said.

Campbell said he believes that many people need to be taught why marriage is important, and he predicted that marriages will reassume a prominent role in society.

Meanwhile, Center for Arizona Policy Director Cathi Herrod said to look out for what happens in the early summer.

“We’ll see what the United States Supreme Court does by the end of June,” Herrod said. “We’re all waiting to see what the marriage decision is going to be. We’re watching a number of religious freedom cases around the country to see whether the Arizona law needs to be amended or not. Right now we’re in a waiting game.”