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Phoenix ranked lowest on retaining graduates

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According to a new study by CityLab, Phoenix retains only 36.3 percent of graduates from two- and four-year universities and colleges.

Using date from the Brookings Institution, CityLab also shows that Phoenix retains a mere 18 percent of graduates from only four-year universities. These studies indicate that the majority of graduates find jobs in other markets instead of staying in the Valley of the Sun.

However, it was pointed out that the University of Phoenix has a large online student body with many of their populace not residing in Phoenix. By taking this into account, Phoenix’s retention numbers increase to 56 percent for two- and four-year schools, and up to 41 percent for four-year institutions.

Interestingly enough, Detroit ranks the highest of retaining graduates from two- and four-year colleges at 77.7 percent, and the New York-northern New Jersey area holds a 71.1 percent retention rate for only four-year universities.

While Phoenix’s numbers can be dissected in many different ways, it remains evident that the majority of college graduates tend to leave the metro Phoenix area, compared to other metro areas across the country.

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