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Why do people go to campaign rallies?

(Photo by Mike Sackley)

The vast majority of Americans do not attend campaign rallies, especially as early as it has been in this election season. So far, much of the news cycle has been dominated this year by yelling and screaming at these rallies, but politics aside, what motivates people to attend?

Ahead of Arizona’s primary on Tuesday, KTAR reporters talked to supporters at presidential candidate events in the Valley this weekend.

For most of the supporters, this was their first presidential campaign event.

“This is not my first rally,” Lucy DiGrazia from Scottsdale said. She attended the Ted Cruz rally at Arizona Christian University in Phoenix on Friday night.

“Well for me personally, I homeschool my children,” DiGrazia said. “And learning about the political process, the government, the constitution, these are all things that are vital to our education.”

Donna Verville, a 73-year-old resident from Sun City, was at the Bernie Sanders rally at the Arizona State Fairgrounds Saturday night.

“I just think it’s a fun thing to do,” she said. “I’m very politically active, I always have been. I was in rallies when I was in college for the civil rights movement and anti-Vietnam War.”

Diana Breast from Phoenix attended Donald Trump’s rally in Fountain Hills on Saturday afternoon.

“I think it’s nice to support whoever you care about,’ Breast said. “When you actually see the person live, whoever it may be, it’s awesome.”

Breast added that she believes people should support who they like and go to the rallies.

Turns out, all yelling aside, many supporters believe campaign rallies are just another way to engage in the political process.

KTAR reporters Mike Sackley and Sharon Mittelman contributed to this report.

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