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Which companies wasted the most money on Super Bowl XLIX ads?

This year, Super Bowl XLIX brought in an average of 114.4 million viewers, making it the most-watched television program in history.

With NBC charging around $4.5 million per 30-second advertising spot, companies wanted to make sure they were getting the best bang for their buck.

Offering viewers a fresh, light-hearted production while keeping their attention is no easy task. For a company to make the most of their investment, they need to appeal to the most viewers.

Many companies missed the mark this year, costing them big, reported.

Using an analytic system featured on their site, Embedly was able to track the amount of viewers each commercial had from start to finish. The more viewers stuck around until the end, the more successful the commercial.


Weight Watchers’ “All You Can Eat” commercial came in first for most expensive per minute, costing the company $123.36.

Skechers’ “Relaxed Fit” commercial featuring Pete Rose cost the shoe company $122.32 per minute with 18,349 minutes watched.

An ad for “Heroes Charge,” an online video game, cost its parent company, uCool, $70 per minute with 32,141 minutes watched.

The Loctite Glue “Positive Feelings” commercial, although it generated a high number of views, cost the glue company $33.06 per minute.

“GoDaddy: Working” cost the company $24.32 per minute for its 30-second ad, with 185,068 minutes watched.


The least-expensive-per-minute commercial went to “Clash of Clans: Revenge” at 36 cents per minute with over 25 million minutes viewed, proving that anything featuring Liam Neeson is a success.

Budweiser, a company known for featuring Clydesdales and puppies, spent just 44 cents per minute on its “Lost Dog” ad, with over 20 million minutes watched.

“BMW i3: ‘Newfangled Idea,'” featuring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel trying to figure out the “at” sign, cost the company 66 cents per minute.

T-Mobile brought out few stops for its “#KimsDataStash” commercial featuring Kim Kardashian, which paid off in its small number of viewers, costing the company 67 cents per minute.

Bud Light’s “Real Life PacMan,” a 90-second commercial, cost the company 73 cents per minute, with most of the viewers dropping out after the minute mark.