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Mismatched shoes: Arizona kid picks fashionista mom’s outfit for week

Moms of young children know how tedious it can be dressing them.

One Arizona mom decided to turn the tables on her tiny tot and let him pick out her clothes for the week, BuzzFeed News reported.

Summer Bellessa, founder of Eliza Magazine and one-half of the brains and beauty that make up the show “The Girls With Glasses,” recruited her 3-year-old son, Rockwell, to be her fashion guru for the week.

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These little guys.

A photo posted by Summer Bellessa (@summerbellessa) on

Rockwell, right, and 2-year-old brother, Phoenix.

“This idea stood out to me because, as a mom, I’m always the one telling people what to do, what to wear, where to sit, what to do once they sit, etc.,” Bellessa told BuzzFeed News. “I thought it could be fun to let my little guy tell me what to do for a change.”

The former model documented her experience on

Rockwell often coordinated the outfits by pattern, Bellessa said.

Some of the highlights include a Bob Dylan T-shirt paired with nude heels, a flowery-patterned dress accompanied by flowery socks and an outfit that included three shirts and two different shoes.

Bellessa said her experience taught her a lot about her child and made her realize it is okay to step outside of your comfort zone.

“A lot of being a mom is telling people what to do, and it was therapeutic for both of us to change roles, if even in this small was (sic),” Bellessa said in her blog. “He enjoyed having his opinions heard, but he was also done after a certain point.”

“The last thing I learned from this experiment, is to find moments to be silly,” Bellessa said. “Silliness is good for your kids and for your heart. Don’t take yourself to (sic) serious: they’re just clothes.”