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Website guides parents through Arizona school standards

There are new standards in Arizona’s classrooms, and now there’s something for parents who may be struggling to help their kids with school-related questions.

It’s a new website called

The online resource was created by a nonprofit organization called Stand for Children Arizona. Executive Director Rebecca Gau said there are other websites that can help parents with the new school standards, but that hers is easier to use.

“We found that the other websites that parents were going to had a lot of extra information that actually made it very difficult for them to quickly find the help and the tools that they needed,” said Gau.

According to Gau, many of those websites require parents to register or give personal information.

“We don’t have any of that,” Gau said. “We just wanted parents to be able to to come on, search for what they needed and help their kid without any of the other stuff that might be required.”

On the website’s home page, parents are asked to select their child’s grade and a subject. When they click “submit,” a list of the concepts of that particular discipline appear, telling the parent what their child is expected to learn in class.

Gau said the website will help parents understand what their kids are being taught.

“We wanted to do that for parents, and we were able to get it done very quickly. We are very happy with how clean and easy (the website) is,” said Gau.

And that, she said, should ultimately make it easier for parents to help their kids with their homework.