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Three bears have unique interaction with pink balloon

When interacting with something strange for the first time, it’s hard to react properly.

That was certainly the case when these three bears took part in what had to be their very first meeting with a balloon.

As any bear would do when they see something or someone as a threat, the first bear stands tall for the intimidation factor.

When it becomes clear that’s no longer necessary, sniffing of the balloon is the next step and that’s followed by a quick claw and jump away maneuver.

The evasive movement of the bear is rewarded with no harm and now the chase is on.

After chasing the balloon, the first bear is joined by the second and third as they try to figure out what exactly they are supposed to think of the object.

More clawing at the balloon finally results in the inevitable pop, with the bears still attempting to discover what the heck is going on with the piece of rubber after it is no longer a balloon.


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