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Heroic dog fights for survival, on ventilator after attempting to save owner’s life

Carmen the boxer tried to save her owner’s life, and now is fighting for her own according to reports.

The 9-year-old boxer is on a ventilator after she was found trying to save her owner, Ben Ledford, from a fire that filled the basement of his Ohio home by laying over his face.

Unfortunately, Ledford died shortly after being transported to a hospital and the brave canine suffered severe lung damage.

She is in the care of veterinarians at the Cincinnati Care Center, and they believe the ventilator may save her life.

“Had we not been able to put her on this (ventilator), I definitely think she would have passed away,” Anderson said, according to WCPO in Cincinnati. “We do have about a 50 percent on average success rate once they go on the ventilator for something like this that they’ll be able to come off the ventilator.”