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Arizona agencies will benefit from anti-domestic violence grant

Dozens of Arizona agencies will be getting more money to fight domestic violence.

It’s coming in the form of a U.S. Justice Department grant that was awarded to the Maricopa Association of Governments through Governor Doug Ducey’s office for children, youths and families.

“The grant is about $108,000,” said Youngtown mayor Michael Levault, who is the Chair of MAG’s Regional Council. “MAG will work with some 29 partners in law enforcement, prosecutors and victim advocates to improve the criminal justice system in terms of its responsiveness to criminals of domestic violence.”

Levault said the money is badly needed.

“Domestic violence is a scourge on our community,” he said. “There are some very real costs associated with domestic violence. Anything we can do to improve the system to make the bloodying of justice swifter is good for the entire community.”

The Federal Funds will support the project through the end of 2015.