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Bona fide: Arizona ranked 10th in the nation for ‘puppy love’

PHOENIX — Valentine’s Day may be coming up, but the love lives of most Arizonans are going to the dogs.

According to a survey from Milk-Bone, Arizona ranked 10th in terms of how much we love our dogs.

To get the numbers, Milk-Bone asked dog owners how much time they spent on average showing their dogs affection. Overall, California loves dogs most, followed by New York, Washington, Tennessee and Florida.

About 73 percent of dog owners said they buy their furry friends at least one gift a month, including Valentine’s Day. Single guys hoping for a date that night may be out of luck — 39 percent of women said they’d rather be home with Fido than out with Frank.

But there is a silver lining, guys. Nearly 20 percent of dog-owning dudes said their pooch helped them score more dates and both sexes said people who love dogs are more attractive.