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Supreme Court nominations and Arizona gets ready to pick presidential candidates

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Too much happening this week to keep the Think Tank to a single topic

  • Former Supreme Court law clerk Paul Bender provides insight into what sort of justice Merrick Garland would be if he is confirmed for the Supreme Court
  • We then discuss the Washington games going on with respect to his selection, whether or not he will even get a hearing in the Senate and the relationship between all of this and the ongoing presidential election.
  • At the half hour, we switch to Tuesday’s Arizona presidential preference election, what we know about how things stand in the state and what impact this will have on the presidential nominating process in each party.
  • Finally, we review the state of the national nominating processes in each party and assess where things stand and what is likely to happen next, including speculation on possible vice presidential choices.

Holliday Moore joins Mike O’Neil in a wide-ranging discussion of all of this and more.