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Warm Phoenix weather brings return of scorpions, roof rats

PHOENIX — With forecasts hitting the low 80s comes the return of common pests to the Phoenix area, especially scorpions and roof rats.

“It’s mating season for scorpions,” David Marshall with Tempe-based Arizona Pest Squad said.

Roof rats are also on the move and getting rid of them is not a job for amateurs. If they get inside of your home, Marshall said it’s best to call a pro.

“They chew on everything — wires, pipes, wood,” he said. “They’re sharpening their teeth. Once they get inside of your house, it’s very difficult to get them out. The entry points only have to be the size of a quarter.”

Roof rats are typically 12 to 18 inches long, including the tail.

If you have citrus trees and spot hollowed-out fruit on the ground or in the trees, that is one indicator that roof rats are on your property.

Marshall said homeowners can avoid pests by keeping their yards clean.