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Man finds watch at Phoenix Goodwill, flips for $35,000

On a hunt for a deal on a push-pull golf cart, Zach Norris recently found himself riffling through donated watches at a Phoenix Goodwill store.

At some point, he held in his hand a Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm with a $5.99 price tag on it, as Hodinkee reports.

Norris knew the watch was worth more than what Goodwill was pawning it for, but didn’t quite grasp its worth.

Indeed, the thrift store treasure was one of fewer than 1,000 of its model type sold in the U.S. and it was made in 1959 — the first year LeCoultre manufactured it.

So it’s no wonder a Rolex dealer swooped in and offered Norris a whopping $35,000 plus an Omega Speedmaster Professional for his $6 investment.

With the fortune, maybe the observant Norris will now be in the market for a motorized golf cart.