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Could Super Tuesday: Part 3 start John Kasich’s path to the GOP nomination?

Republican presidential candidate, Ohio Gov. John Kasich pumps his fist before speaking at his presidential primary election night rally in Berea, Ohio, on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Kasich won the Ohio primary. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Let’s get over all of this Super Tuesday: Part 3 nonsense and start to look forward.

The Democrat side is, for all intents and purposes, all Hillary Clinton. She has solidified herself as the presumptive nominee.

So what’s to become of our old pal, Bernie Sanders? Well, he’ll stay in the race and this will actually HELP Clinton.

We still have a long summer of political wrangling ahead of us. She needs to have an antagonist to keep her fresh and on her toes — a sparring partner, if you will.

Sanders will continue to expose her weaknesses and allow her to get out in front of the issues before she faces them in a general election.

Now, the Republicans. It’s the age-old story of “And then there were three.”

Since Marco Rubio dropped out after his shellacking on his home court, we are left with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

I would say that Tuesday’s performance has locked Trump into the nomination but, Houston, we have problem — a two-headed problem, to be more specific.

The field has been narrowed down from 17 candidates to just the aforementioned three, and that spells trouble for Trump.

Moving forward, Cruz and Kasich will do nothing but serve as spoilers for Trump.

Kasich’s win on his home court of Ohio gives him JUST enough momentum to emerge as a player in this race. I have said all along that Kasich is one of the few that actually has a resume fit for the White House.

Cruz will continue to win the hearts, minds,and votes of the uber-conservative right. His ego is almost as big as Trump’s, so I don’t expect him to drop out until he is forced to do so.

So you see, in a two-way race, Trump wins the delegates needed for nomination easily. In a three-way race, he most likely lands in July in Cleveland without the delegates needed for a clean nomination, leading to a brokered convention and cheers from the Republican Party.

The problem for Cruz is that the GOP hates him only slightly less than they hate Trump. So, with a win in Ohio, Kasich has now become the darling of the party and most likely the one they will tap as their nominee.

What a difference a day makes!

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