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Hit the best bars, restaurants, happy hours along Phoenix’s light rail

PHOENIX — Both tourists and locals are taking advantage of Phoenix’s intercity light rail system.

More often than not, most of us have no idea where we are headed once reaching downtown Tempe or Phoenix, and end up pulling out cellphones to search Yelp! for a place to grab a bite, have a drink, or both.

With the beginning of Spring Training and perfect weather, we’ll likely see a jump in the number of people who want to hit the town. Though few stadiums are close to the tracks, many are accessible through other forms of public transportation.

Thanks to the map below, there’s no need to search. We combed through TripAdvisor and Yelp! reviews to find the best restaurant, bar and happy hour spots at each light rail stop.

The map has three icons: The fork and knife signify a restaurant, the martini glass is a bar and the dollar sign designates happy hour.

WARNING: Some of the places below are known to create cravings.