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Arizona border strike force using new tactics to protect borders from cartels, criminals

PHOENIX — Arizona’s border strike force is changing the way law enforcement protects the U.S. from cartels and criminals.

“The idea was let’s try this in a small mission, kind of ad hoc investigations and programs with no new dollars, no new personnel, just with existing resources and let’s see what we can do,” Col. Frank Milstead, director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, said.

Since the time the partnership between local, state and federal law enforcement agencies began, the border strike force has developed into a strong coalition that is hitting the cartels where it hurts.

“We are finding load after load after load of marijuana that is coming across the border on backpackers,” Milstead said.

There has also been large seizures of heavy narcotics made by the Arizona border strike force. Milstead said he hopes to see other border state’s create similar task forces.

“The cooperation is inspiring,” he said. “Everyone is very happy about what they are doing and coming together for these operations.”

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