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Boat crash on Colorado River near Parker injures 13 people

A boating accident on the Colorado River injured 13 people on Saturday. Traffic on the river is expected to increase over the next week with spring breakers looking to have a good time.

According to Mike Vasquez of the Riverside County Sheriffs office in California, deputies responded to a report of a boat colliding with the embankment about 30 miles north of Blythe, California, near Parker, Arizona.

Police said that witnesses reported the boat traveling a high rate of speed and was unable to negotiate the turn, causing it to collide with the shoreline.

Vasquez stated that according to the information gathered at the scene, there as about 10 passengers on the boat and it appeared to be overloaded. Police added that multiple people on the boat sustained a varying degree of injuries. Two people were transported with serious injures, with another with moderate injures and two others with less moderate injuries.

Police said that it appears that alcohol played a role in the accident.

The Colorado River, in particularly Lake Havasu, is a top destination for spring breakers across the country, many of whom typically take to the water ways and indulge in drinking.

Vazquez reiterated that drinking and boating are never a good idea, and strongly discourages anyone from operating a vehicle if they have been drinking.

“We know that it is that time of year where people have different times of the week that are designated for their spring break,” Vazquez said. “We do expect a rise in boaters on the water and people just enjoying their vacation time. We just want to remind the public to be safe out there and enjoy vacation and your time on the water.”

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