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Trinity Church has a new home in time for Easter Sunday

There will be a new place for Trinity Church to worship for its Easter Sunday services in a few weeks.

The church will celebrate Easter Sunday at the Garden Drive-in Church, 8620 E. McDonald Dr. in Scottsdale.

It’s a move according to the church’s website where they felt they couldn’t pass up a historic opportunity to gather on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the landmark building, which opened on Easter in 1966.

“Even though it’s last minute, as the ink on our rental contract is still wet, we look forward to meeting you at our modest open house and prayer meeting,” the church said on its website. “Pastor Mark (Driscoll) will be sharing our church vision as we begin gathering our launch team.”

The building features an auditorium with a concrete dome that was poured in one day, and at its center point there is a large blue stained glass skylight. The design also includes a 14-foot tall wooden cross that has stood there since construction, and according to the website, the hewen from the tree is believed to be upwards of 4,000 years old.

“I have been in hundreds of churches and never seen one like this,” Driscoll said on the website. “It is quirky. Upon entering it for the first time, our children said it reminded them of a space ship”, he says. “Curiously enough, the building opened the same year that Star Trek debuted – 1966.”

Driscoll announced in February the founding of Trinity Church and said at the time the church was looking for a place to meet. Prior to arriving in Phoenix, Driscoll had previously founded the Mars Hill church in the Seattle area. He left the church amid claims of mistreatment and plagiarism.

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