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Live feed monitors nesting process for peregrine falcons

(Stream photo)

The Arizona Game and Fish Department and Maricopa County have an agreement to provide a live feed of the nesting process for peregrine falcons.

According to their website, the agreement for a nesting place has lasted for over a decade, but two designs failed to be used by the birds. The nesting place chosen by the female falcon — an adjacent gutter — was very unsuccessful, resulting in only two chicks surviving to the age of fledging.

Over the past three years, the process has continued to advance. Two eggs were laid but failed to hatch in 2014, all three eggs hatched in 2015 and 2016 brings a renovation of the box with a new streaming video that provides audio.

The falcons have been spending more time in the box this year, which the Arizona Game and Fish Department believes to indicate they are going to nest there again.

You can see a live feed of the falcon from the provided link.