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Two of the top ten sandwiches can be found in Arizona

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We’ve all indulged in the mouth-watering antics of the sandwich. Starting out with the classic peanut butter and jelly, making sure the crust was cut off, moving forward to grilled cheese and maybe a nice Reuben.

But to truly satisfy your taste buds, there are ten sandwiches that you absolutely must eat before you kick the can. Luckily, two of these sandwiches can be found here in the Valley of the Sun.

Coming in at No. 10, the seasonal ‘Spam Cubano’ from Citizen Public House in Scottsdale. This dish comes packed with roasted pork butt, pickled pineapple, confit arugula put together between a sweet Hawaiian roll.

Continuing on the list, ranked No. 5 is ‘The Bear’. This product from Short Lease Hot Dogs in downtown Phoenix has a lot going on. Served in a fluffy naan flat bread, this spicy hot dog has peanut butter, smoked Gouda, bacon, BBQ sauce drizzled on it and Cracker Jacks. It cannot be confirmed though if ‘The Bear’ comes with a mystery prize.

Whether you’re an aficionado or simply need to get a quick bite, do your taste buds a favor and let them partake in these delicious sandwiches.

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