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As Arizona temperatures rise, time to clean your chimney


The temperature is rising steadily and it looks like we won’t be using our fireplaces any more – at least not until next fall.

So that makes it the perfect time to have your chimney cleaned whether you have a gas-burning or wood-burning fireplace.

Here is why:

Wood-burning fireplaces – When you burn wood, unburned tar-like liquids can condense into creosote that coats the inside your chimney. That creosote can start burning itself, and it also produces strong smoky odors when your logs start blazing in the winter. Besides cleaning out the creosote, a trusted and professional chimney sweep can fix faulty dampers, find obstructions in your flue pipe or even repair any damage.

Gas-burning fireplaces – Even with a gas-burning fireplace and fake logs, you can have serious soot and carbon buildup. An inspection can also ensure there are no obstructions or disconnects in the pipes from the hearth all the way up to the rain cap on top of the chimney. A chimney sweep company can also clean up the hearth and your logs. In some cases you may want to service the gas plate under the fire logs to clean ports that may have gotten clogged.

During chimney cleaning, the cap on top of your chimney will be checked to make sure it’s doing its job. You also want to be sure that birds aren’t making nests at the top of your chimney.

This is definitely not a do-it-yourself project. Cleaning your chimney can create quite a mess in your home if you don’t have the right equipment.

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