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Get a new or better job in 2015

PHOENIX — While you’re mulling over new year’s resolutions, it’s also a good time to start thinking about landing a dream job or getting a promotion.

Robb Briggs of said it’s time to take inventory on both your own skills and the skills your dream job demands.

“If you’re already employed, figure out your weak spots and make them stronger,” advises the career website.

Many companies pay a portion of the training costs.

Next, sell yourself. This may be easy if you’re an experienced sales rep, but if you’re not, it’s time to practice. In Brigg’s most recent article for employers, he advises they ask you questions about your personal background to see if it matches work roles. He also recommends employers ask you how you responded or would respond to a stressful situation at work.

“How would you respond in rush hour traffic if you’re late for an appointment and you just spilled your drink all over your lap?” Briggs suggested as an example. “Questions like these help draw out very real emotions and you can usually tell whether the candidate’s response is genuine, or if they’re just giving you an answer they know you want to hear.”

If these are tough questions to answer off the cuff, Briggs recommended you practice in front of a mirror or with a friend at home.

Once you’ve landed an interview, he said play the part and dress smart.

“The interview is really where the career-seeker wins or loses, unfortunately,” Briggs said.

Once you’ve made it that far, Briggs said not to forget to follow up.

“Regular and consistent follow-up is key in the job-search process,” he said.

Be sure to manage your email, texts, voice mail and snail mail well, he added. An applicant who snoozes when called back for a second interview loses.