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Most striking tweets from Jodi Arias retrial 2014

PHOENIX — A judge’s decision to allow live-tweeting during the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial has provided instant fact sharing from inside the courtroom at the Maricopa County Superior Court.

After a jury was empaneled, the group began work Oct. 20.

During the eight weeks of proceedings, there was titillating testimony (just as in the murder trial), interruptions, sniping between lawyers and witnesses, juror dismissals, charges of prosecutorial misconduct and demands for the death sentence to taken off the table.

Jurors experienced an abrupt break in their duties, when Judge Sherry Stephens booted them and the media out so that a “mystery” witness could testify. No mystery there, it turned out. The witness was Arias.

A state court of appeals overruled Stephens and the media returned.

Other disruptions included more witnesses refusing to testify in public and an evidentiary hearing.

Court went on break after the Dec. 18 session and will resume Jan. 5, 2015.