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Actor Tom Sizemore talks ‘Durant’s Never Closes’ in Phoenix

The Internet Movie Database says “Durant’s Never Closes” is the story of a mobster and ladies man whose connections to the mafia “remain a mystery.”

Valley locals probably know about the steakhouse the movie is based on, as it’s been a Phoenix staple for decades. But how Durant’s will be portrayed, to quote the IMDb description, still remains a mystery.

Actor Tom Sizemore was in Phoenix recently to elaborate a little more about the film, scheduled to release in 2015 according to IMDb.

Sizemore will play Phoenix restaurateur Jack Durant, who he said is “quite a character in Phoenix history.”

The acclaimed actor said he thought it was a “terrific script” by Phoenix native Travis Mills. Mills will also direct the film.

“Jack Durant was kind of a larger-than-life kind of guy,” said Sizemore. “He ran a quintessential Phoenix restaurant for all the Phoenix power brokers and celebrities from out of town, and it ran like clockwork. He was the restaurant, but he had some demons, and in the movie you can see what was kind of troubling him.”