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Scottsdale-based TASER making body cameras for LAPD

PHOENIX — As public demand for police departments around the country to outfit their officers with body cameras remains high, one of the largest police forces in the country has placed an order.

The Los Angeles Police Department placed an order on Tuesday to outfit its officers with cameras and that means big business for the Scottsdale-based company, TASER, that makes the cameras.

“This is a very large commitment, it’s one of our largest orders ever of the AXON (body) cameras,” said company Spokesman Steve Tuttle. “The LAPD order 860 AXON body cameras with a five year commitment to store those videos in the cloud.”

The company is aiming to fulfill the initial order of 860 cameras by the end of the quarter; however over the life of the five-year deal, Tuttle said the company will produce about 7,000 cameras for the department, provide training and storage.

He said the cameras have a drastic effect on the way officers and the public interact when they know they’re being recorded.

“I know as a spokesperson I behave much better and more professionally when I’m being recorded, well police officers do the same thing and suspects, when they’re being recorded, they do it as well,” said Tuttle.

Officers in Mesa have been using TASER’s cameras and Tuttle said that has resulted in a 48 percent drop in citizen complaints against officers.

Tuttle said TASER is working make deals with other departments across the state for officers to wear their AXON body cameras.