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Phoenix Suns feed hundreds of people in need

PHOENIX — Hundreds of people in need got a warm meal on Wednesday thanks to the Phoenix Suns.

Former players Tom Chambers, Joe Courtney, Steven Hunter and Alvan Adams, alongside some of the organization’s front office showed up at St. Vincent de Paul’s Henry Unger Memorial Dining Room near 10th Avenue and Jackson Street to serve up warm meals to people struggling with homelessness and poverty.

“They got salad, they got bread, they got corn, they got potatoes, they got chicken and then some marinara sauce and the dessert,” former Suns power forward Tom Chambers said.

About 900 people came through the doors of the dining room to eat and talk with the players as part of the Phoenix Suns’ Season of Giving, in which the team and alumni give back to the community.

Chambers said he participates in the event every year and said with it being around the holidays, it’s an important time of year to make sure people are taken care of.

“During the holiday season you want friends (and) you want family, so maybe this is a chance to warm their hearts a little bit,” Chambers said.

“To see a friendly face, to see someone that maybe picks up their spirit a little bit in this truly troubling time for them in their lives – it’s got to be good and it’s good for us to make that happen.”