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Company helps parents monitor kids’ social media use

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One of the best parts to hosting It’s Business Time is having the opportunity to meet and interview some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds the state of Arizona has to offer.

This week’s show was no exception as we welcomed Jacob DiMartino, founder of RAADR, to the microphone.

RAADR is a digital platform designed to help parents monitor their kid’s social media behaviors. It will alert parents when their kids are being exposed to unwanted and harmful content on social media, as well as if their kids are becoming victims of cyberbullying behavior.

According to RAADR, more than 70 percent of American teens have regular unmonitored access to technology. With more than 100 large social networks being used every day, this can be nearly impossible for anyone to track on their own.

RAADR helps parents look out for important items that may be effecting their children online. RAADR is:

  • Multi-platform
  • Highly customizable
  • A time-saver
  • Has easy access
  • Includes 2,500-plus topics and keywords
  • Features comprehensive monitoring

RAADR allows parents to select a range of topics and keywords that they determine to be harmful to their children. Once those topics and/or keywords surface on their kid’s social media platforms, parents are alerted and able to step in and ensure their kids digital safety and protect their digital resumes.

Some of the best inventions are often the result of when someone recognizes a huge need and attempts to meet it. According to DiMartino, he spent several years selling social media products in businesses, and after learning about cyberbullying cases in the news, realized there was very little to protect our kids using social media. That is when DiMartino developed RAADR.

Check RAADR out today and begin to protect your children online.

Mike (Winey of Mike & Winey) is the host of It’s Business Time with Mike Weinstein heard on Saturday afternoons from 2-3 p.m. on KTAR News 92.3 FM. You can follow Mike on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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