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Internet access in Valley households varies widely by city

Those living in Scottsdale or the southeast Valley are more likely to be connected to the Internet than residents of Phoenix or the northwest Valley.

A report conducted by Connect Your Community says over 30 percent of Glendale households don’t have Internet access, while less than 10 percent of homes in Scottsdale, Chandler and Gilbert aren’t connected to the World Wide Web.

The report reveals Internet access throughout the United States varies strongly by age, economic class and education level. Overall, over a quarter of American households don’t have Internet access.

Of the 176 cities surveyed, Laredo, Texas, came in last with 40.2 percent of households not connected, followed closely by Detroit at 39.9 percent. Irvine, California and Gary, North Carolina are the two most well-connected cities, with under 5 percent of households not connected.

Percentage of Valley households without Internet access:

Glendale: 31
Phoenix: 24.1
Mesa: 21.8
Peoria: 15.8
Tempe: 11.6
Chandler: 9
Scottsdale: 7.9
Gilbert: 6.6

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