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Video game co-working space opens in Tempe

Playing video games can often be an association of counter-productivity. But a new co-working space in Tempe is seeking to make progress through gaming.

Game CoLab is a startup incubator dedicated to growth and unity in the video game development community in Arizona.

According to its website, the group looks to accommodate, form and develop teams, which use the space to develop their respective games.

We act as an advocate for the game community and focus on educating: educating people about games, educating game makers about business, and educating local government and institutional partners on the potential of games as an economic driver.

The CoLab offers Collaborator and Technician memberships, which are $10 and $105 monthly.

The space is located at 1801 S Jentilly Ln., Suite B-18 in Tempe and offers weekly classes, which are free to members and $50 to non-members.