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Saturday expected to be busiest day of the year for weddings

PHOENIX – Saturday is expected to be one of the busiest days of the year for the wedding industry.

That’s because it’s not only a Saturday — typically a popular day to get married — and also near the holidays, but it’s also because the date happens to be 12/13/14.

“We knew last year that it was going to be a really busy day when we saw that it was going to end up on a Saturday,” said Ginia Lucas, owner and manager of Y-Knot Party & Rentals in Mesa, Ariz.

Lucas said her store, which often provides rentals and supplies for weddings, is swamped with orders for this weekend, especially on Saturday.

“We have 108 events that we’ll be doing,” she said. Lucas could not specify how many of those were weddings as opposed to holiday or other parties, but said most were weddings.

Couples often request memorable dates for their wedding according to Lucas, and ever since Jan. 1, 2001, every time the date lines up into a unique pattern, there has been an uptick in business.

Jenn Wells lives in Phoenix and is getting married this Saturday and said it was by luck that her wedding ended up being scheduled on 12/13/14. She said she thinks it is an interesting date to have her wedding and it is made even more unique that the ceremony is scheduled for 3 p.m.

“My fiancé’s father is old military and said, ‘OK I’ll be there at 1500 hours’ and it all just kind of fell together,'” she said, which therefore makes her wedding on 12/13/14 at 1500 hours.

The next time the date will align sequentially again will be on Jan. 2, 2034.