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About 100 kids take holiday shopping spree with Phoenix cops

PHOENIX — Thursday was a special day for about 100 Phoenix kids as they got a chance to take part in the city’s annual Shop With a Cop event.

It’s the fourth time the department selected kids from around the city to go on a holiday shopping spree with officers.

“The kids essentially get $150 to go shop for Christmas for anything they want,” said Joe Clure, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, adding the event is a great way to make the holiday special for the kids and their families.

Becky McLaughlin with Target said each kid that gets to go shopping is specifically picked.

“These children are handpicked by these students and by these officers or the association, so they’re children that are making a difference out there and could use a little help this holiday season,” she said.

Brianna Molina, 7, was one of the kids that got an opportunity to shop on Thursday. She said and officer Jared Charley grabbed lots of toys and other fun things for her to enjoy this Christmas.

“I got some clothes and come toys, some sewing machine needles and some other stuff,” she said.

The event is funded by donations to PLEA Charities.