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Crunch, crunch: 8 odd cereals that actually made it to store shelves

Grab a spoon — Monday is National Cereal Day.

People might need a reminder of that fact. Statistics show that cereals are falling out of favor as breakfast food.


Cereal is so easy. Bowl, spoon, add milk and cereal. Bam, good to go.

To celebrate the crispy in a bowl (until those last few bites, anyway), here’s a nod to cereals of the past.

Cereal makers were quick to jump on pop-culture trends. If there was a hit movie or TV show, there was going to be a cereal devoted to it. And those cereals tended to have a short shelf life than a ripened banana.

Mr. T Cereal

Any kid in 1984 who wanted to grow up to be a justice-seeking strong arm for the helpless had to power up. They had the main muscle behind TV’s “A-Team” on their side. No jibba-jabba, just cereal.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Cereal

The trippy movie dudes found themselves trapped on cereal box in the early 1990s. A box which proclaimed, “A Most Awesome Breakfast Adventure.” Ohhh, that is … excellent. Inside the box were cinnamon-flavored oat squares (toasted) and music-note shaped marshmallows. Those two would definitely eat that. Even dry.

Nintendo Cereal System

The Super Mario Bros. and Zelda got their own cereal in 1988. Kids got to eat Goombas and Troopas and boomerangs and hearts. That sounds delightful! Plus, it’s a system. Whatever.

Quangaroos Cereal

Backstory: Quisp and Quake were faux rivals at Quaker Oats in the mid 1960s. Space alien Quisp and manly American construction worker Quake had a petty feud about which cereal was better. FYI: They tasted exactly the same. Anyway, Quake tried to up his game by bringing in support. Yeah, it failed.

Crazy Cow Cereal

Uh … OK. A near-hysterical cow hawked a cereal that was coated with powder that dissovled into artificial flavors of strawberry and chocolate after milk was added. The cow is off-putting. Man, the 1970s were kind of weird.

Dunkin Donuts Cereal

In 1988, the popular doughnut folks thought the cereal market was a good place to expand its brand. Glazed or chocolate were the choices. Well, sure.

G.I. Joe Action Stars Cereal

The crew at Mr. wrote that the beloved military toy figure debuted as a cereal in 1985. That was the same year “G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero” cartoon aired.

Gremlins cereal

This cereal was based on the 1984 hit movie “Gremlins.” Given that the whole point of the movie was that bad things happened when gremlins got wet, pouring milk on them doesn’t seem like a real selling point.

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