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Renovation to Civic Space Park sculpture nearing completion

PHOENIX — Major renovations to one of Phoenix’s most unique sculptures is nearing completion according to the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Last week, crews began performing upgrades to the “Her Secret Is Patience” sculpture that hangs above downtown Phoenix’s Civic Space Park between Central Avenue and First Street south of the Roosevelt Street, the first since its construction in 2009.

“Last week started some standard upgrades,” said Public Information Officer Gregg Bach.

The first step in the renovation process was replacing the 750-pound polyester netting, Bach said.

“When they took down the old net there was some fading and a little bit of fraying on some of it,” he said.

A duplicate net was put on the sculpture and another duplicate will be made and placed into storage for the next time renovations are needed.

“At the time that the sculpture went up there was a duplicate net manufactured and that’s been sitting in storage,” Bach said.

The original net that has been replaced will be sent back to the manufacture for analysis and studying for ways to improve future products.

Crews will put the final touches on the renovation project on Friday with an upgrade to the sculptures lighting, Bach said.

“It’ll make it a little brighter and add a little more detail out there,” he said.