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Parents go undercover to find out what their kids say about them

Parents, ever wonder what your kids say about you when you’re not around?

This YouTube video by makeup artist Promise Phan shows the lengths some parents went to in order to extract some of the juiciest dirt from their own kids.

A group of parents went underneath the makeup chair, undergoing a total transformation to look, well, not like themselves.

They then went in front of a panel of their own children, participating in questions such as “What does your mom do that you don’t like?”

And — trust me — these kids did not hold back! One child even cursed in front of his father, sending him into a silent fit of giggles.

Once the kids figured out the jig, the parents removed their disguises and addressed their children. While it was all polite and dandy on camera, I bet it was a different story once they got home.

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