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Christmas ornaments can be dangerous for kids, pets

PHOENIX — It’s the time of the year when many will be putting up holiday decorations, but the Mesa Fire Department is reminding people some baubles could be hazardous to kids and pets.

“Ornaments and Christmas decorations are a huge draw for not only little kids, but also pets,” spokeswoman Larissa Dvorak said.

She said people should be careful when decorating their homes to avoid placing ornaments and other small items too low where little hands or paws can get them.

“Little pieces, hooks or small parts of ornaments can be broken off and be small enough to create a choking hazard,” Dvorak said.

From glass ornaments to bulbs and tinsel, Christmas trees are covered in material that could be dangerous.

“Aside from the choking hazard, with lights there’s some electrical hazards and there’s also some injury possibility with glass ornaments and things like that as well,” Dvorak said.

She recommended hanging ornaments high enough on trees to keep them out of reach. It’s a good idea to check the houses of friends and relatives to make sure there aren’t any hazardous during holiday visits.