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First responders hold plane crash simulation at ASU campus

MESA, Arizona — First responders in Mesa undertook a major training exercise Friday at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Campus involving a simulated plane crash.

While unlikely, the campus is located next to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, so a plane crash on campus isn’t impossible.

First responders ASU coordinated their efforts to make sure they’re ready if it ever were to actually happen.

The scenario included a simulated plane crash into a building, an explosion and smoke that members of the Gilbert and Mesa fire departments worked to handle alongside coordination with ASU.

Crews dealt with potentially hazardous chemicals from fuel and other flammable liquids that would be involved in a plane crash.

ASU spokesman Jerry Gonzalez said the training is an effort for to keep both ASU staff and first responders on their toes.

“When a real emergency happens, you don’t want that to be the first time that you’re working with all these different agencies,” he said. “That’s why we exercise and conduct these kinds of drills pretty regularly.”