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Tempe council to mull next 16 years of city’s transportation

PHOENIX — The Tempe City Council will be presented with a final draft of a transportation plan Thursday evening that could set the city’s course for the next 16 years.

The Tempe Transportation Master Plan aims to make Tempe a “20-minute city” by detailing areas of improvement and proposing new innovations.

“The 20-minute city is this idea that, wherever you are in the city of Tempe, you can get from and to all of the key places that are sort of hubs of the city within 20 minutes,” Tempe City Councilmember Kolby Granville said.

Granville said the plan is quite comprehensive and takes into account all the various ways people move around Tempe.

“It’s really outlining how we’re going to move people both with car, bikes, walking (and) public transportation in and around the city in a way that is cost-effective and expedient to get them to all of the exciting things that we do,” he said.

The plan includes analysis and recommendations ranging from the city’s transit system and the Tempe Street Car, to protected bike lanes and curb extensions in areas that might need to slow down traffic and increase pedestrian visibility.

Granville said the plan is the first in over a decade and will look to make transportation of all types in Tempe as efficient as possible.

“We’re not in the car business, we’re in the transportation business,” he said.

The council will be presented with the master plan at Thursday evening’s meeting and request any other final clarifications or adjustment before it’s brought back for a vote on Jan. 8.