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Watch Californians lie about voting on Super Tuesday

It’s remarkable how some people can manage to go with the flow.

“Lie Witness News,” a video feature on Jimmy Kimmel Live, intends to purposefully catch people lying about current events on camera.

For whatever reason, people continue to fib on camera in Kimmel’s skit and the latest example was his Super Tuesday edition.

The “reporter” for Kimmel’s show mentions Super Tuesday and asks the person being interviewed if they voted today. The trick is, all these people are in California and the primary in their state isn’t until June 7.

That didn’t stop all these people from lying, however, as the continuing gag of asking the voters where they voted and how the turnout was at their polling places produced a hilarious amount of fabrication.

Even worse, the interviewer made up new wrinkles for new voting system, including a hologram and voting by blinking. As expected, they went along with it.