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Man being charged with second-degree murder after stepfather dies, mother stabbed

27-year-old Blake Holten is in custody and will be charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault and kidnapping after his stepfather died and his mother was stabbed.

According to Tempe Police Department’s Aaron Levi, police arrived to a 911 response and forced entry after hearing a struggle. They entered to see Holten standing over the two victims, actively stabbing one of them.

When he saw police, Holten ran into his bedroom and shut the door.

Tempe police helped his stepfather Donovan Arneson and his mother — who has not been identified at this time  –out of the residence.

Holten jumped out of his second-story window and witnesses were able to help police locate him. He was then tasered and arrested.

All three were taken to hospitals. Arneson succumbed to his wounds and was pronounced deceased. Holten’s mother is in stable condition.

Holten was taken to a separate hospital. His injuries resulted from jumping out of the window.

After struggling earlier in the week with his mental health and recreational drug abuse, Holten’s stepfather and mother were visiting him from out of state.