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Trump and Cruz win two states apiece on Super Saturday

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd at his rally inside Century II in Wichita, Kan., Saturday, March 5, 2016. (Fernando Salazar/The Wichita Eagle via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

Donald Trump wins Kentucky and Louisiana, while Ted Cruz takes Kansas and Maine on Super Saturday.

Cruz began Saturday with 231 delegates, trailing Donald Trump’s 329 delegates. After Cruz wins in Kansas and Maine, and a Trump victory in Louisiana, Cruz sits at 283 delegates and Trump has 378 delegates.

The Cruz wins are a surprise after Trump swept seven out of 11 states on Super Tuesday, posing an issue for Republican leaders who are attempting to unite a party divided over its likely nominee.

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke out against the candidate on Thursday, calling Trump ” very, very not smart” when it comes to foreign policy and other national issues.

Arizona Sen. John McCain has also spoken out against Trump, saying voters should “think long and hard about who they want to be our next Commander in Chief.”

Trump responded in a less-than-professional way, saying Romney would have “would have dropped to his knees” for the billionaire’s endorsement.

Despite the headline-dominating political feud, a verbal spat with the former Mexican president over who will pay for Trump’s proposed wall to keep immigrants out and a disappointing political debate on Thursday, polls ahead of Saturday still showed Trump beating opponents Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich by double-digits.

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson officially ended his presidential campaign on Friday, saying he did “not see a political path forward in light of the Super Tuesday primary results.”

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