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Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer: This is the ‘come-to-Jesus election’

Voters crowd into foyer of Smiley Middle School to check in with their precinct captains to attend a Democratic caucus late Tuesday, March 1, 2016, in Denver. Colorado is one of 12 states casting votes for party nominees on Super Tuesday, which offers candidates the chance to garner the biggest single-day delegate haul of the nomination contests. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

LISTEN: Governor Jan Brewer

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has said the upcoming presidential election will serve as a moment when politicians will see what happens when a frustrated American voices its opinion.

“I think this election is the come-to-Jesus election,” she told KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Mac & Gaydos on Friday.

Brewer said she, like most of the population, is feeling unheard by President Barack Obama’s administration.

“They’re outraged,” she said. “They feel like nobody is listening to them.”

Brewer said that sense of frustration is leaking into the presidential race, most notably on the Republican side. A member of the party herself, the former governor said, while she doesn’t appreciate the tone candidates take one another, she knows where that passion is stemming from.

“They just keep wailing on each other,” she said. “That’s frustration.”

Brewer said the candidates’ constant swinging at one another has exposed to the public to a side of politics they’re not used to seeing.

“The public has seen the underbelly, the dark side, of politics,” she said.

In all the commotion, few candidates have been able to hear where each candidate stands on the issues. Brewer said, while she would like to hear more about education, she understands the current debate system forces candidates to squeeze as much as possible into narrow time gaps.

“You can’t answer a question in a minute,” she said. “How can you explain something in 30 seconds?”

Brewer feels the candidates need more time or explain their stance or to sit down and be given an extended audience to give details on their policies.

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