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Chris Christie looks alarmed to be attending Donald Trump rally

(Twitter Photo/@MEPFuller)

Super Tuesday was confusing for a lot of people, what with 11 states picking their presidential candidates and all the reports flying around. It’s enough to make anybody’s head spin.

But no one’s head was spinning more than New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The former presidential candidate endorsed Donald Trump on Friday and was asked to appear at a speech with the New York billionaire on Tuesday.

It all sounds like pretty standard political fare thus far, yes? One candidate drops out, endorses another and then appears at rallies to get votes.

It wasn’t that simple for Christie.

Whatever was going through Christie’s mind, he turned into a trending topic overnight. Rather than us listing what we think could have been going through Christie’s head at the time — and we came up with some zingers — we thought we would share some of the funnier tweets about the moment. A lot of people joked that Christie looked a little more like a hostage than a supporter.

Others felt Christie looked a little more like the annoying emails we get every day.

But most of the Internet just tried to make us laugh.

Whatever was going through Christie’s mind, we were all glad for a chuckle during a serious campaign season.

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